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Christian Challenge Coins by Signature Coins.png.MainWebP

Christian Challenge Coins

Christian challenge coins are a physical expression of belief. They are a profession of faith and of love. Living a Christian life takes self-discipline and respect for all life.  Christians strive to lead a life of righteousness by personifying the values of Jesus Christ through charitable acts, prayer, and commitment to His teachings.  

Christian groups, churches, and programs commission religious challenge coins to bolster a feeling of acceptance and affiliation within the congregation of believers. Christian challenge coins help raise awareness for social issues, point to religious resources, and act as a  reminder of faith to be kept through daily life. Carrying a Christian challenge coin is carrying a piece of church culture and history. They act as a source for reassurance and as a declaration of loyalty.

Christian Challenge Coins.png.MainWebP

For over 15 years, YC GIFT  has been handcrafting custom coins for organizations all over the world. Our team works closely with every branch of the United States Military, with local law and fire departments, and with large businesses like Amazon and Microsoft. We provide high-quality custom challenge coins that embody the spirit of any group.

Our goal is to ensure our clients have the tools and materials necessary to make their vision for custom design come to life! Get started with your free artwork by filling out an order form. Our design staff will have proof ready within 24 to 48 hours

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